The Massage Center Mequon Wisconsin

Pain-Free Therapy

imageWhen we say pain-free therapy, we mean pain-free!

Why do we work pain-free? Because working pain-free allows us to go deeper and be more effective! If you are not bracing against the pain, you can relax and release.

Some think deep means painful and painful means deep. The words have even become synonymous in bodywork settings. Often we hear, "Go ahead, go deep, I can take it." We understand. It is a pretty commonly taught viewpoint. If you "feel it", you think we're "getting to" the pain. But...pain means something is wrong. It IS beneficial to find and identify the pain, so that we know where to treat and which modality to use. Still, the treatment must be performed pain-free to get to the deepest levels. Doing otherwise hurts, stops deep work and can injure muscle tissue. We want you to feel better when you leave than when you came in :-)

If you think bodywork therapy has to hurt to be effective, you are in for a pleasant surprise!