The Massage Center Mequon Wisconsin

For Athletes

imageHow can we help you achieve peak performance in your sport? How can we help you prevent or heal injuries common to your sport?

We restore balance to the muscles and fascia in your body. We identify and lengthen short, tight muscles so that you can strengthen weak, inhibited muscles. This creates balance between the two opposing muscle groups. It takes stress off the joints and improves movement and athletic performance. Therefore, you are much less likely to strain and tear muscles (tennis elbow, golfers elbow), create joint capsule adhesions (frozen shoulders), nerve compressions and many other common sports injuries, such as achilles tendinosis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, etc.

If you already have any of those injuries (shown on the "For Those In Pain" page), we know how to identify them and which modality should be used to treat them. If you have myofascial restrictions, musculoskeletal problems or trigger point tension, we can distinguish between each one and use the appropriate modality to treat it. It is important in a sports environment to be able to identify and treat these situations because not only will they cause pain, they will prevent you from creating the balance between the two opposing muscle groups. If you do not have balance between these muscle groups, you will not be able to create your "best" movement.

It's all done pain-free, using special tests and a variety of modalities, learned with extensive study in Orthomassage workshops by James Waslaski (see

Think about want to get the best movement from your body. What creates movement? Muscles. What are we experts in? Muscles. :-)